Strength Training University

The health benefits of strength training are undeniable…including

…increasing your strength increases FAT BURNING MUSCLE!

That said, have you ever wanted to learn how to lift weights THE RIGHT WAY? We have your solution!

What do I get by being a part of Strength Training University?

  • You will increase Fat Incinerating Muscle.
  • Private, closed door instruction for your group only.
  • Individual, specific exercises for YOU.
  • Quarterly Movement Screens to keep you working at your BEST.
  • Short, medium and long term goal setting.
  • Accountability.
  • Ongoing, continuous and up to date Nutritional Guidance.
  • More FUN working HARDER than you thought possible.
  • Ohhhh and so much more!

STU is specifically designed to help you become the strongest, leanest person you can be. You will be taught all the traditional favorites in addition to the exercise you need to be doing in order to be firing on all cylinders.

These classes are going to be game changers for you and the fitness industry as a whole! Why? Check it out!

A seven part functional movement screen to find exactly what if anything can potentially hold you back from being your best in the gym and in everyday life tasks!

  1. A wrist band system to allow for maximum results with progressive exercises to get you firing on all cylinders! Example: We notice in your squat assessment that you are shifting your hips to the right and your right knee doesn’t track exactly as it should. This causes discomfort when squatting or lunging. From this we find immobility in your left ankle is the root cause and we show you exercises to clear that dysfunction…BAM – you squat better equalling faster results…safer!
  2. You have an individualized program that changes every 4 weeks.
  3. Your session goals are to clear all movement patterns that are incorrect resulting in ninja status and being stronger than you ever thought possible.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at 781-312-7808 or email at