Balance Training for 10-13 year olds

Core strength and balance are important components of successful sports performance.  Training these elements in young athletes can be fun and challenging or boring and time consuming.  Static and dynamic balance can effectively be trained by partnering young athletes together and using an implement to “battle” for balance supremacy.

At Athletic Revolution I will use ropes, balls, resistance bands and even PVC pipes (usually utilized for teaching bar skills) as the implement.  As a coach you can regress or progress depending on the skill and aptitude of your young athletes.

Some rules or boundaries you can easily layer in are:

  • First person to put their other foot down loses the match
  • One hand hold only
  • No hopping allowed
  • Eyes closed
  • Two feet


Here is an example of this activity in action…


This game is can also be a great equalizer of strength and a terrific example in teaching young athletes the difference in absolute strength vs functional strength.

See you soon!

Coach Dave






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