Baseball Academy

Take your game to the next level with private and semi private sessions in the Athletic Revolution Baseball Academy led by Coach Gary Taylor.

Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) is the optimal way to help a young, growing athlete increase the athletic skills necessary to succeed in sport and life. It is the foundation of our youth fitness and sports performance programs. The same science and philosophy reigns true to the AR Baseball Academy.

Our Baseball Academies will be based on a strong culture and philosophy of the science and art of coaching baseball.

Baseball can be one of the most difficult sports to understand with so many moving parts in many aspects of the game. From the youth level to the pro level, the goal is to simplify the baseball movements for each player and get them to understand the necessary, healthy checkpoints in order to succeed.

Teaching efficient and specific movements first begins with analyzing the players current abilities and comprehension of what they are looking to improve on. From there we formulate a plan to help them understand the adjustments they need to make in order to put the player into a position where they can succeed, excel and grow.

Through various drills, discussions and overall hard work, the goal is to not only help each player understand these absolutes, but also build their confidence in a fun and safe environment.

One on one and small group baseball instruction for players of all ability levels.

Fees will be based on the following per session rates. All fees will be paid in the form of packages of sessions or per Academy start and end dates. Coach Kane will be providing one on one and small group instruction. This allows for maximum contact time with each player while maximizing each players time in the cage.


One on one instruction
– $60 per half hour
– $90 per hour

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Semi-private groups
– $40 per player (Hour sessions only)

Minimum 2 players, Maximum 4 players

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