Better than stretching…

Myofascial Release with Foam Rollers

Why do we use Foam Rollers so much at Athletic Revolution for our young athletes and our Adult Bootcamps?  Because they work.

Myo – Muscle

Fascia – smooth yet tough connective tissue that encapsulates muscles.

When “rolling” out your are making improvements to the tissue quality of your muscles and connective tissue.  This will eleviate a lot of issues like muscle soreness, tightness and discomfort – AND it is preventative in nature.

 Order yours today and bring it to Bootcamp to use before and after class…you don’t want to be left without it!

What we recommend is either the 3′ x 6″ full roller.  You will buy one for $25 bucks or less and you will never have to buy another one (they last forever!).

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