Champion’s on the Rise

On Friday March 11th, 2016 we had our Testing and Promotion or Champion Promotion event. We are both proud and excited to have had 7 different levels of athletes ranging from 6-14 years old participate in the event. Congratulations to the following champions for ascended to the new levels of achievement:


Discovery- Level 1

Phase 1 – White

Max Hanson

Jeff Considine

Cooper Farabaugh


Phase 2- Orange

Charlie Hamer


Phase 3- Black

Dylan Wagner

Cam Bliss


Exploration- Level 2

Phase 1- White

Ryan Wagner

John Kuropatikin

Christina Short


Phase 2- Orange

Shannon McKenna

PJ Celestino


Phase 3- Black

John Milano

Molly Belmore


Transformation- Level 3

Phase 2- Orange

Trevor Gleason





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