Champions on the RISE

**Champion Promotion**

Congratulations to the following athletes for successfully achieving higher rank on Friday September 14th, 2012.


Testing, evaluating and assessing young athletes is and should be a continual process.  Those terms are all synonymous with each other.  One overlooked commonality they have is that they are largely misunderstood.  All to often the concept of grading young athletes is based solely on performance measures that illustrate how far, how far, how fast and how much.  A key problem with this connotation is it lacks a the emphasis  on the very skills required to perform any movement or exercise.

The Athletic Revolution Testing and Promotion System is based on 9 levels of achievement based on skill aptitude, character and fitness level.


We are proud to announce the 6 Champions that qualified and successfully achieved a new level this past Saturday:

Discovery-Level 1

Phase 1 – White

Liam Robinson

William Hoban

Exploration-Level 2

Phase 1- White

Jayne Howe

Austin Manning

Phase 2 – Orange

Matthew Kreckie

Phase 3 – Black

Chris Wesinger

If and when you see these young champions…give them a high 5!


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