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Over the course of 10 weeks Athletic Revolution South Shore assisted 48 members in making a lifestyle change by impacting mental health, nutrition and fitness. By the end of the challenge members were raving about how much they had taken away from the 10 week challenge which is great, but what’s even better is the members are continuing their healthy habits and making life altering changes to their mind, health and fitness.

A great deal was learned during the 10 weeks and we want to share some of the most important lessons taken from the challenge to help you in your journey of making a long term lifestyle change and getting the results you desire.

AR Team challenge 2016

“Health and Fitness has no finish line…it’s a way of life”

The first lesson relates to the title AR 10 Week Transformation Challenge. Due to the overabundance of marketing in health and fitness industry this program is often perceived as a short term solution that will get you the results you have dreamed of in no time. Unfortunately making a health and fitness change isn’t that easy, it takes hard work and dedication as real results come from long term healthy habits. The challenge members were quickly informed that this program was designed to assist in creating new healthy habits that would last far beyond the 10 weeks. The standard had been set for the members of the challenge as they knew it was time to not just start a challenge but start a life long journey.

AR Strong 1

“Set Yourself Up For Success”

Once you have identified the change that needs to be made it is important to set yourself up for success. It can be easy to identify a change that you would like to make but putting words to action is much easier said than done. The second lesson is the importance of preparation. Throughout the 10 week challenge we were able to help individuals not only identify their goals but also provide them with health and fitness knowledge or programs to help ensure long term success. Starting a journey for no real reason or without a real game plan only sets you up to fail. Please take the necessary steps to figure out fitness, nutrition, schedule and much more that will only help you get a better idea of how you are going to conquer your health and fitness journey. When it comes to the members of the challenge the 10 weeks were designed to help them prepare for a change by allowing them to create new fitness and nutrition habits that would set them up for success beyond the confines of 10 weeks.

AR Prep-Class

“You Cannot Outwork a Poor Diet”

When it comes to making a health and fitness change the next lesson is the importance of good nutrition. I realize this seems quite broad but what I mean is through my personal experiences (my fitness journey combined with coaching others in theirs) exercise tends to be a habit far easier to obtain than nutrition. We often think that it is okay to have that cookie, pizza etc….as long as we go to the gym to work it off. It doesn’t work that way as you cannot constantly replenish your body with essentially empty calories and toxins that cause lowered performance, weight gain and increased risk for disease. It’s not just about reaching your daily caloric intake. What truly matters is how you get there. Try and follow the 80/20 rule by eating well 80% of the time while the other 20% gives you the opportunity to still live a little. The challenge members were able to experience this first hand as for some the first few weeks showed no change regardless of an increased work ethic and hours in the gym. When members began to focus on quality of nutrition in relation to a doable fitness schedule the scale and measurements began to speak for themselves.

“Counting Calories or Making Calories Count”

The next lesson relates to the well known phrase calories in v.s calories out. This phrase led many individuals to believing the solution to weight loss is as simple as burning more calories than you consume on a daily basis leads to weight loss.The old way of merely reducing calories does not work. In fact, what we learned is that most of the members were not consuming enough calories or getting enough nutrition (micro and macro nutrients). This method can change an individual’s metabolism causing increased body fat, decreased  muscle mass or complete plateau. Our members quickly figured out what was considered a smart strategy  “cutting calories” was no longer the best option but rather another barrier in the road.

AR Healthy Calories

“ Buy Healthy…Eat Healthy”

The following lesson focuses on making the best possible nutritional choice. When going to the grocery store it’s easy to be hungry and buy everything or get those special snacks for the kids. The only problem is you are surrounding yourself with constant temptation. Also the quality of the food matters as the stores often carry malnourished whole foods or unhealthy disguised processed foods. The members of the challenge were provided additional educational classes regarding how to dissect food labels, why whole foods are malnourished and much more in relations to general nutrition. They quickly realized the importance of quality food, planned nutrition and how it can set them up for success in the long term.


“Rising Tides Raise All Ships”

While the lessons keep piling up the next important tip related to our challenge is the impact of a positive attitude. When going through any lifestyle change there is bound to be ups and downs. The important part is to stay up more than you are down by maintaining a positive attitude. The perception of a glass half full apposed to half empty mentality can and will make a difference not only on yourself but impact the people around you. The thing is people don’t realize how infectious a positive attitude can be. Within our 10 week challenge having teammates as well as a facility full of camaraderie and “family” truly allowed the positive energy to flow! When in doubt stay proud and positive because you have no idea who is watching or whom you my impact. One positive act of kindness goes much further than anyone might realize. We believe rising tide… raises all ships. Be the rising tide during your health and fitness journey and lift up those around you. The support among the challenge members was unreal as 48 members came together to challenge one another to be the best that they can be.

AR anchor the goods

“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”

I believe the next lesson can be crucial to making a lifestyle change. The importance of having like minded people working towards a common goal can be one of the most powerful things in the world. Why wouldn’t that apply here? When trying to make a big personal change alone things can be overwhelming, intimidating and stressful. Although, if you have the support of your teammates, friends or family you are no longer alone on a difficult journey. In fact you have a support system that will always be there but also they understand the changes going on in your life. Having the support and accountability from your teammates when going through similar changes only further motivates you to get one step closer to your goals and in return motivate your teammate to do the same. Throughout the challenge members constantly would be talking about how one teammates actions motivated them to make the morning workout, eat a healthy snack, provoke a positive attitude or simply make a smart decision. The ability to go through a change with somebody else truly can be an influential factor to anybodies personal health or fitness related goal.

AR Strong 2

Overall many lessons were learned about fitness, nutrition and mental health during the 10 week team transformation challenge but, most important their new healthy habits have been maintained beyond the restricted time frame of the challenge proving the lessons learned were able to help 48 members begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle change. However this is an opportunity for everyone to grow and learn. Try and adopt just one lesson about fitness, nutrition or mental health to see how it may have an impact on you during your health and fitness adventure.  

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