Living by a Code

Most people live by a code. A set of rules if you will that governs how they approach tasks, difficulties…life.

We have a code at Athletic Revolution as well.


Because we are not in the business of merely birthing athletic super stars. Our mission is to develop champions in sport, school, community and life. Our long term youth fitness and athletic development program clearly depicts our mission.

Below is the code we require all champions and parents to sign and return prior to all of our programming. This may be one of – if not THE most important piece of paper work they contemplate.  We call it our Champions Code.


The Athletic Revolution Champions Code

1. You will learn from your coaches at Athletic Revolution™ and apply this knowledge to the best of your ability to become a better athlete and person. We are building athletes to excel in sport, the classroom and life!

2. You will not argue with your coaches. We set the rules, you will follow them.

3. You will show up 5 minutes early to your training session. Tardiness is not tolerated. This is a matter of respect to your peers and coaches. a. Parents: In most cases it is up to you to make sure your athlete arrives at Athletic Revolution™ in a timely manner, as such we ask that you too understand that punctuality is a trait upon which champions are made. Please get your athlete here prior to the start of their session.

4. You will go through each activity to the best of your ability. We are not asking each athlete to be a superstar but we expect you to give your coaches a superstar effort!

5. Anything less than 100% commitment to the program is unacceptable.

6. You will be expected to apply all nutritional and motivational material given to you in your life outside of training at Athletic Revolution™.

7. Respect yourself, your peers, your parents and coaches.

8. If you are going to miss a session you must inform the coaches within a reasonable time frame. We need at least 12 hours notice to get you rescheduled.

9. There is absolutely NO SITTING during your workout. Unless your Coach asks you to sit you will be on your feet during the entire training session. This will be enforced!

10. You will treat the other athletes in your training group like family. There is no place for mocking of an athlete or teasing at Athletic Revolution™. Your high school or team affiliations do not matter at Athletic Revolution™.

11. The entire workout, from start to finish, will be done as a group.

12. Your workout will be completed as written. Modifications to your workout must be approved by a Coach. You are, under no circumstances, allowed to change your workout on your own.

13. If you do not comply with these rules the coaches at Athletic Revolution™ reserve the right to ask you to leave the facility for the day. If this becomes a recurring issue we will ask you to the leave the program permanently!

14. Rules may be added at any time by the coaches as they see fit.

As you can see this is team effort.

Together we win!

-Coach Dave


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