New England Revolution…at Athletic Revolution

Make no mistake.

Athletic Revolution is the only facility dedicated to youth athletic development and youth fitness – and we are backed by the ONLY organization in the world that educates trainers and coaches in youth fitness and sports performance training (International Youth Conditioning Association).

If you have read our other posts or watched our videos you know what we are all about.  Successful programming can have many applications…

Not to the least of which is for athletes who are striving to be there very best at the highest level of competition.

See what New England Revolution Stars Kevin Alston and Darrius Barnes have to say about their success while training at Athletic Revolution.

By far the best way to become a better athlete is to STAY HEALTHY!

What makes these two outstanding soccer players great is fundamental skill development.  The same skill sets that all of the athletes learn at Athletic Revolution.

Acceleration, deceleration, angular speed development, movement proficiency, systemic strength, mobility, flexibility and injury prevention are vital components to a pro soccer players training schedule.  They are ALL teachable skills that are broken down to their smallest parts, learned and practiced.

This hold true for Kevin and Darrius as well as EVERY young athlete that steps foot in Athletic Revolution. 

Go Revs!

Til next time,

~Coach Dave

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