Outrage Over Children’s Vitamins

Not too long ago Tobacco companies were using cartoon characters to influence children into thinking smoking was cool. They got in a lot of trouble for that, eventually.

Fast food companies partner with Hollywood and have all sorts of action figures from popular movies at their restaurants.

And corporations do the same to sell all kinds of thing – including vitamins – for children.

Have you ever taken a good look at the labels of the leading brands of kid’s vitamins?
On there you’ll find:

  • Aspartame, which is a VERY controversial artificial sweetener.
  • DiCalcium Phosphate, which is used in the “feed” that poultry eats.
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, which NOBODY needs to be ingesting.
  • And all sorts of artificial colors.

Does that look NUTRITIOUS to you???
“Yeah, that’s great. But what other choice do I have? If it doesn’t TASTE good, my kid’s not going to take it.”

Well, I may just have the answer to your prayers. But your child’s taste buds are going to have to decide. As a proud Prograde Partner I’m THRILLED to let you know they have just released an all-natural children’s vitamin. And they’ve gone to great lengths to taste test it with kids.

But again, your child will have to decide if it tastes good or not. So that’s why you can try Prograde Essentials for Kids for FREE! (Yes, there is a small S & H fee)
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Til next time,

~Coach Dave

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