Pembroke Young Athletes Benefit from Nationally Recognized Fitness Center



South Shore Youth Fitness Program Profiled In Nationwide ‘Live Chat’

Pembroke Young Athletes Benefit from Nationally Recognized Fitness Center

January 10, 2011: Pembroke’s Athletic Revolution Training Center will be featured on a nationwide ‘Live Chat’ during a coast-to-coast broadcast in conjunction with leading newspapers including the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

Hosted by the Chicago Tribune, this country’s 8th largest daily newspaper, the topic to be discussed during the Tuesday January 18, 2011 broadcast will be injury prevention in youth sports.

Athletic Revolution co-founder, Brian Grasso, will be answering questions from parents around the country during the 60 minute segment.

“Injury and injury prevention have become a nationally critical issue”, said Dave Gleason.

Gleason is the Owner and Head Coach of the Pembroke-based Athletic Revolution facility.

“Athletic Revolution’s training system is based on making our young athletes faster, stronger, more flexible and better athletes, but we also place a very heavy emphasis on injury prevention”.

The list of athletes Gleason trains at his Pembroke location includes Pembroke High School’s Dew Tour/X-Games skater Nora Vasconcellos and MLS All-Star and New England Revolution Defensive Player of the year Kevin Alston.

Athletic Revolution is the only Youth Fitness and Sports Training Center in the entire country that works exclusively with young athletes ages 6 – 18.

“It’s a great honor to be profiled like this in a nationwide event”, said Gleason.

“We’ve felt from the beginning that Pembroke-area families can and will benefit a great deal from the world-class service we offer right here in this community”.

For more information on the Pembroke Athletic Revolution, please contact Dave Gleason at 781.3127808.


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