Playing in the rain

Playing in the Rain
By Coach Dave


Remember playing in the rain as a child?


The thrill of stepping outside the conformity of nice and neat.


The anticipation of the unknown depth of a puddle

or forethought of consequence, concluded with an ignition of sensory bliss.


The exhilaration of the first splash.


The seemingly illogical need for further investigation into the degree of accumulated mud and water one could achieve.


The drenching of clothing and shoes…fully immersed.  Fully engaged.


Then comes adulthood where where forethoughts of “but I’ll get wet” supersede  all notions of stepping outside.


The comfort of dry and groomed becomes the paradigm by which we operate.


The result is allowing the mundane hamster wheel of life in all its “normalcy” to govern our decisions.


Envisioning the practicality of the need to change back into dry clothes while managing the mess left behind is enough to take the fun out of life.


Most will wake up on any given morning hoping for the rain to fall harder…

Not to play, but as more ammunition stay where they are.


Yet outside, in the rain, is where life is happening.


We have the choice, the opportunity and potential to play as if it were to never rain again.


Thank God!


Let rain.






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