Preparing for the X-Games

Pembroke Resident Going for Gold in 2010 X-Games in L.A.
Nora Vasconcellos Prepares for the Big Stage at Local Youth Sports Training Facility

July 2, 2010 – Competing in the Dew Tour, at the famed Boston Garden, Nora Vasconcellos was in the company of the greats of men and women’s skateboarding.

Fitting in practice time in Rye, New Hampshire while maintaining any semblance of balance for an energetic and ambitious 17 year old whose life and friends are home in Pembroke, is a tall order.

With the 2010 X-Games Vert competition looming the weekend of July 29th – Nora’s training at Athletic Revolution in Pembroke gets ramped up.

Unlike all other evaluations of physical prowess, at Athletic Revolution the young athletes ranging in age from 6-18 are judged on the quality of carefully selected movements put together in a flowing, choreographed routine.

Dave Gleason, Head Coach of Athletic Revolution, says that preparing Nora physically is a steady system of balance, mobility, strength and stamina.
“Making sure Nora moves correctly and efficiently is paramount to her staying healthy as well as continuing to improve at the rapid rate she has been on”, says Gleason.

Nora’s thoughts on her work with Coach Gleason and Athletic Revolution are quite complementary.

“I’ve noticed an overall improved level of fitness; greater flexibility, strength and endurance which has me more confident and better able to focus on what I want to do when I’m skating. AR is not one-size-fits-all”.

“Coach Dave’s asks great questions and listens to create an approach that is unique to my particular sport. I feel so good about having AR as a partner in my skating that I truly can’t wait to get to every workout”, continued the 17-year-old athlete.



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