I have been extremely blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented coaches in the world to create the following educational resources for trainers, coaches, physical educators, and parents.

Thank you for taking interest in making  yourself better equipped to serve the children in your community, school or team.  ~ Coach Dave

Game Play Performance

gameplay_performance_rp_200_x_300 It doesn’t matter what sport, gender or skill level you’re coaching. You will always find a need to add Game Play Performance to your training program once you’ve seen how powerful it use.






In Game Play Performance you’ll discover:

  • The critical nature of game play as an integral part of any performance training program for young athletes 6-18 years old
  • How to create complete athletes instead of athletes that merely perform well in the gym.
  • How to utilize game play as an essential assessment tool
  • How game play will set you apart from your competition
  • How to make yourself a better coach with game play
  • The benefits of how game play transfers athletic skill to the field court or ice

In addition to all of that, you will learn:

  • How to implement game play into your performance training
  • How to create and construct your own endless supply of games
  • How to administer game play in your training sessions
  • How and when to implement game play into your programming
  • How to create a high energy and winning culture in your programs or facility

…and much more!



Complete Athlete Development 2.0






Whether they’re working with Major League All Stars or an energetic group of 6-9 year olds, the top coaches in the field are using variations of this complete athletic development system to help the people they coach reach their full potential – and to build the type of income and freedom they so richly deserve – and you can gain access to this same system in Complete Athlete Development.

If you are passionate about coaching and hungry for success, then you have more than enough of what it takes to use the Complete Athlete Development 2.0 system to implement your own working blueprint for developing the complete athlete.

What you will learn in Complete Athlete Development 2.0 flat-out works to build better athletes.



Big Book of Programs



In The IYCA’s Big Book of Programs you receive 50 step-by-step training program for both Adolescent and Pre-Adolescent athletes.

These programs cover entire day-by-day workouts and the specifics you need to know to deliver highly effective programs.

With the IYCA’s Big Book of Programs, you gain instant access to 50 proven training programs that you can model and use with your own athletes or use as resources to help you create your own unique training programs that will immediately help your athletes reach their true athletic potential.