Schools Sending FAT Report Cards Home?

There are several reasons why I don’t like the fact that public schools are now either mandating or being mandated to record BMI (Body Mass Index) calculations of young children AND sending the results home in a report with “recommendations”

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First we need to remember or realize that childhood obesity IS NOT THE PROBLEM.

What?  Did he really write that?  Yes.  Yes I did.

The fact is that the rise in childhood obesity is the symptom.  Actually it is one of the more relevant and media driven symptoms along with secondary conditions due to obesity, lower test scores, depression, anxiety, and low self esteem – to name a few.

The problem, if we need to call it that, is multi layered and wide spread for sure.

A lack of activity (in and out of school) and poor nutrition habits are the culprits here.

Very few if any solutions of today actually indicate realistic strategies for battling the aforementioned issue(s).

Now let us remember that we are dealing with children here.  Kick their butt fat camps for 6 weeks and a strict diet does not provide the empowerment, or long term solution here.

Nor does calculating BMI during school hours and sending home a report with half hearted recommendations as to what we should do with the information.

I will pose the rest of my comments as questions.


To get you to think.

I want to encourage you to think about the best possible solution for young children.  Perhaps for your children.

What is in the BEST interest of each child individually…

  1. Is not BMI a calculation done by a child’s pediatrician to be consulted with the parents?
  2. Is BMI an accurate depiction of a child’s weight/height ratio in determining risks due to body weight?  (We have all heard stories of little johnny that is solid as a rock with no visible body fat on his body yet is borderline overweight on the BMI indices.
  3. Should kids be taken out of class to have this calculation done when they could be studying or exercising?
  4. Does a child who is at risk have parents that do not recognize it without a BMI Report?
  5. Where are the mandates that say Physical Education and or Physical Activity in school must happen daily?
  6. Is there a concerted effort to search for healthy choices for school lunches?
  7. Is there hope for  a young child who comes to school consisting of a bag lunch with salami, cookies and cupcakes?
  8. Does the Fat Report Card address the issue(s) of lack of sleep, over scheduled after school activities (including sports), hormonal changes, developmental discrepencies, endochrine system abnormalities, etc?

Athletic Revolution is so much more that a training facility for young athletes or a youth fitness center.  We are part of a greater mission…which means you are as well.  Together we can change things.  Together we can help children lead active healthy lives on their way to becoming active, vibrate and productive young adults…one at a time.

You are a part of the revolution and I’m proud to have you on board!

I really want to know what you think.

Leave your thoughts on the matter below and let your voice be heard!

~Coach Dave





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  1. At the end of the day it has to come down to the parents, if the parents are eating crap the kids will end up eating the same.

    Kids take the lead from their parents, schools get blamed too much for the rates of obesity at least here in the UK.

    maybe the report card will be a wake up call for some parents, those that react the most are likely to have the unhealthiest kids.


  2. Christine says:

    My athletic son was labeled as borderline obese and the whole family, especially my son, became quite upset. He is in excellent health and we confirmed this, along with his weight and BMI with his pediatrician. We received another ‘notice’ and I didn’t even let the family see it. It was absurd and inaccurate. Not to mention upsetting. I for one feel that parents, together with their pediatricians, should be able to handle this without uninformed advice from the public schools.


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