Self Confidence and Youth Fitness

As parents we try not to take anything for granted.  We can’t afford to because our resposibility as the primary source for the development of our own children dictates we stay on top of things.

Every now and then do things slip by us?  Yes.

Self confidence as it is marketed by fitness organizations is a case in point.

What is Self Confidence?

Why is that term a part of every youth fitness programs list of deliverables?

self–con·fi·dence  noun: confidence in oneself and in one’s powers and abilities

1con·fi·dence  noun: a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers;  the quality or state of being certain.

Please watch this video as I explain how self confidence has a crucial impact on our children.



How does your child’s self confidence get nutured?

I welcome your comments below…

Til next time,

-Coach Dave

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  1. Thanks Tony!

    Our approach has multiple layers that encourage and foster self confidence. Outcome based coaching along training and coaching philosophies based on fostering the very best in a young person, rather that always pointing out the bad.

    We set expectations, as seen in our Champions’ Code and each and every athlete is held to those standards.

    We are consistent.

    We based our coaching and programming on principles not values (numbers).

    We value skill development and not performance.

    We provide an environment that exudes positivity and the will to do your best.

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