Youth Hoop Speed, Agility and Vertical Leap Clinic

Youth Hoop Speed and Vertical Clinic

Friday November 25th 2011

10am – 11am

Boys and Girls u10-u12
ONLY $29.00

Developing game changing speed and vertical leap are skills.  Speed, agility and vertical leap can be learned just like shooting, dribbling and passing.  Get an advantage over the competition during this intensive 1 hour clinic!

Great news: I’m on the team. Thanks for everything, you’re a huge reason why I was able to make it, and I appreciate all you’ve done to help me.
-James Conor, AR Athlete and member of the Brandeis University Men’s Basketball team.

Hoop Speed, Quickness and Vertical!

  • Acceleration
  • Multi directional Speed
  • Side shuffling
  • Agility
  • Braking skills
  • Power and Explosiveness
  • Strength
  • Landing Skills
  • Timing and Rhythm


**Pre-registration required.  All payments with the form below must be received by Friday, November 18th.

CLICK HERE to download and print the registration form.





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Youth Speed and Agility Training Success

What defines a successful speed and agility training session for young athletes?

Is it this picture?


Is it driving young athlete’s into the ground in the name of speed, agility and quickness training?

Is it placing cones, mini hurdles and other training instruments on the ground, showing young athletes how to perform a series of drills followed by them engaging in them until they drop?

If your young athletes are tired, exhausted or barely walking that is success right?

In a word…NO

I have two shining examples of how I define a successful speed and agility camp at Athletic Revolution.

The first is the fact that the young athlete’s at our camp this last Saturday were practically begging me to continue with the camp after two hours of intensive SAQ training.  They were alert, energized and wanting more…just the way I want it. 

Keep in mind the young baseball player who began the mantra for more was describing how he could barely finish the workout at another facility just a few days before.  You know…one of those we can teach the kids baseball and take care of the conditioning aspect of training as well…

You see I explained to them at the beginning of camp that the next two hours were not going to be about kicking their butts or running cone drills until they drop.  They were about to experience a type of training they have never experienced.

Our camps are about skill development.  Our camps are about skills – NOT DRILLS.  The drills we use are specifically chosen to teach each young athlete how moving efficiently and safely feels.

Secondly, each athlete left our camp with the ability to tell me what they learned over the past 2 hours and how what they learned will help them in their respective sport.  Once more (and this one is crucial) they all told me what they can use on a consistent basis on their own during practice and competition. 

Self correction.  Beautiful!

Unlike most SAQ clinics and camps, we focus on breaking down the commodities of proper deceleration, acceleration, hip turns and cutting techniques.  These are all skills which can be broken down and coached.  We spend ample time on posture, thorasic spine mobility, hip mobility, ankle mobility, arm action, foot placement and so much more.


We had fun, we learned and we helped some absolutely great kids teach themselves how to gain game changing speed, agility and quickness.

I thank them for the opportunity to work with them and I can’t wait to run our next one.

Stay tuned!

Til next time,

~Coach Dave

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Classes Begin Tomorrow!

After two successful open houses (one of which with New England Revolution star Kevin Alston in attendance), a morning packed with initial assessments and – well a collective dream coming to fruition…Athletic Revolution will officially begin classes tomorrow!

Serving the communities in Pembroke, Marshfield, Hanover, Duxbury, Kingston, Norwell, Plymouth, and the entire South Shore as the source for youth fitness and athletic development is a tremendous responsibility and we are up for the task!

We are also holding our first Speed Clinic Sunday October 25th.


This Speed and Agility Clinic for Soccer will have an emphasis on preventing ACL and other knee injuries.  The clinic is $30 for non-members and FREE for all members coaches and parents.  We all understand that speed is a game changer.  What is lost is how to get it…specifically how to decelerate (slow down) and effectively change direction quickly and safely.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us via phone 781-312-7808 or by email

See you soon!



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