Training athletes from the back forward

Most training programs for young athletes focus all of their attention on the big pushers and fancy drills.  Bench pressing, squatting, high speed treadmills and the like are the mainstay of many sports performance center.  These ways of helping a young athlete become better are ill advised and not optimal.

The posterior chain is a term that describes the series of joints and muscles on the back side of our bodies.  The glutes, hamstrings (back of the thighs), lower back and upper back to name a few are all a part of the posterior chain.

What is so important about the posterior chain.

Most non-trauma related injuries to athletes (all athletes, not just young athletes) are due to poor braking mechanisms.  Most of the structures on the back side of the body are designed to help athletes put on the brakes.

Examples of Braking mechanisms in sport:

  • Slowing down, stopping and changing direction quickly
  • Slowing down or braking the throwing motion
  • Landing from a vertical jump

All this being said….a young athlete still needs to have fun.  This video depicts on of the many ways we train the posterior chain to increase injury resistance and improve performance:

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