Testing Young Athletes – AR Style!

This past Saturday we celebrated with our 2nd Testing and Promotion Day.

It was inspirational, emotional, impressive and joyous.

We are changing youth sports performance testing and youth fitness testing.  No longer will young athletes have to achieve just for the sake of achieving.  No longer will they have to be subjected to 1 rep max tests, or reps for 1 minute protocols with no subjective assessment of technical ability.

Check out this little slide show of some of the highlights of our day.

Congrats to all of the following Champions:

Discovery (6-10 yrs)

White Band Recipients

Daniel Ellis – White Band

Orange Band Recipients

Lucas Barone
Derek Lambiase
Bo Rinkus

Black Band Recipients

Trevor Gleason
Sam Herrmann
Cameron Maggiore
Justin Troia
Steven Cerventes

Exploration (10-13 yrs)

White Band Recipients

Carley Pearce
Dylan Prudente
Kristina Lavallee
Brian Lavallee

Orange Band Recipients

Bryan Musial


We are proud of each and every one of you!!

~Coach Dave


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  1. Sara Beth Nylander says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

    Congratulations to everyone who was a part of Testing Day. I am so proud of the Athletic Revolution South Shore family!

  2. The Hogans says:

    Way to go guys………Congrat’s to the Bryan and Brian!!!!

  3. Congratulations to all of you! Your effort and hard work paid off!!!! Awesome job Andrea & Dave!

  4. Gina Maggiore says:

    Luv the video! Congrats to all of AR’s athletes! WTG!

  5. Congratulations to everyone very impressive !! I am so proud of my son..All the kids worked so hard…..What a great job.
    Thank You Dave and Andrea….


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