Unfriendly Youth Fitness

The New Oxford American Dictionary  has chosen the term “unfriend” as its Word of the Year for 2009.

Unfriend is a verb, it means to remove someone as a “friend” on a social networking site, as in: “I decided to unfriend a co-worker from Facebook.”

This is quite a commentary on our society don’t you think?

We are constantly challenging our kids with ideas, paradigms, ideologies and principles that are ridiculous.

What message does this send?

Some may think it is a stretch (pun intended) for me to compare glamorizing a new word or phrase with the lack of coaching ability and improper youth fitness training programs.

Is it?

We need to think of the end in mind.

What is the goal of a youth fitness or youth athletic development program?

What is the root of why an particular child is not moving efficiently?

What words or phrases will encourage, inspire and celebrate a young athlete rather than cutting them down?

Why is a 12.5 year old seemingly morphing from a coordinated highly skilled athlete to an stiff, tight and fumbling player in a matter of weeks?

If the coach your child is currently working with IS NOT asking these and similar questions make sure you bring your young athlete to Athletic Revolution for a free evaluation immediately.  Click here to register now.

Til next time,

-Coach Dave

PS.  Stay tuned for my follow up video on “Are Your Kids in Danger” where I will describe the how to’s regarding the right way to approach coaching young athletes and non-athletes alike.

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