Wii Fit and Youth Fitness

If you are looking for our official stance on the Wii Fit gaming system look no further…

Where do gaming consoles like this have a place in the development of our kids?  Are they good or bad?

Don’t be shy…leave your comments.  I want to know what you think of the Wii Fit.


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  1. Dave,

    The video is funny!

    We have a Wii Fit for our kids…but not as an answer to their preferring to be in front of a screen than outside.

    Its a degree better than being plopped on the couch…but like I said A DEGREE.

    The video does a good job of showing how powerful marketing is. With the same video footage, what seemed like a reasonable solution to being sedentary now seems ridiculous.

    There’s a whole ball of wax to deal with here. You can’t just say “g outside and play”…its a different world now and we need a different approach.

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